I see fictional people!


If you are a regular person going about your regular life and you start seeing things, imaginary things, imaginary people, anything imaginary really, then you should probably go and talk to someone about it, it could be really serious. If, however, you are a writer or other creative type then it’s totally acceptable to see imaginary things or imaginary (let’s call them “fictional”) people.

I didn’t always see fictional people. I used to hear them a lot, they were always trying to talk to me, and then when I ignored them they’d start talking to each other about me (that’s so rude you guys!) but I never really saw them until recently and now they won’t leave me alone!

Today I sat behind a woman on the bus who was SO one of my main characters I wanted to take a picture of her. I had my phone out and I was about to ask her to be in a photo but I felt really weird about that, and I’m sure she would also have. “Hello, I’m writing a book and you look just like someone who’s in it, could I get a photo of you for my Pinterest board please?” Uh… No.

I’ve seen one of my characters a lot more than the others. He’s one of my leading men, a rebel without a cause and a heart of gold, you know the type. I see him in his Ray Ban Wayfarers leaning coolly against lamp posts outside the corner store, I see his car parked across the street. It’s a great car, very cool.

It sounds kind of nuts, but I’m totally OK with it, I’m great with it! I’m too scared to see a ghost, but fictional characters popping up throughout my day is totally fine. It’s like motivation, if they see me out shopping when I should be at home writing, it makes me want to go home and write. They are like my own personal muses.


Speaking of muses, check out these awesome movies featuring people getting freaked out by fictional characters!

1. Xanadu. It’s not about a fictional character so much as a muse, but I guess muses are kind of fictional if you don’t believe in them. When I was a kid I taped the vinyl soundtrack onto a tape, put it in my walkman and whizzed around the garage on my roller-skates in circles for most of my childhood. I was always annoying my folks by asking them to move the car.

2. The Purple Rose of Cairo. “I just met a wonderful new man, he’s fictional, but you can’t have everything.”

3. Stranger Than Fiction. I’m still struggling with killing my characters. It’s not so easy once you get to know them. It’s actually kind of heartbreaking, I wonder if that’s the way JK Rowling felt when she killed [SPOLIER!!!!!!!] Dumbledore.

Save yourself 104 minutes of your life and never watch Ruby Sparks. If any of my characters ever get that annoying I would just kill them for sure. Easy.

Then of course there are the fictional characters that jump out of the books we read. They crawl into our minds and hearts and make us crazy (Hello Edward Cullen fans). We think about them, and talk about them as if they are real. We make our friends read our favourite books so we can blabber on about these people no one else knows, then we get jealous when our mate has a crush on Jace Wayland! Noooooooooo!


The End

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