10 totally awesome reasons to watch Valley Girl (1983), like ferr surre!


So I’m third draft into my time travel 1980’s YA novel, and I’m thinking, I need some inspiration. My characters are wearing the same thing for like two months, I need to see some hairstyles and 80’s jumpers desperately. The year I’m researching for the first book (oh yeah it’s going to be a trilogy) is 1983, because if you had a time machine and you were about to go time travelling what’s the first year that pops into your head? 1983, of course it is! So I’m Googling movies of 1983 and stumble across this thing called Valley Girl, which looks like it could be a contender for one of the best so bad it’s good movies of the 80’s. She’s a girl from the Valley, like totally! And he’s a punk/new wave/not really sure what he’s meant to be from Hollywood played by a bit-part actor called Nicholas Cage, who later went on to become Nicholas Cage. Nick Cage playing a punk (he’s not really a punk)? I’m so totally in. I laughed, I cried (not really, but one scene was kind of emotional), I danced (bobbed my head a little).

10 Reasons to like, totally watch this movie


1. This is a real line in the movie. Randy’s (Cage’s) love interest Julie tells her mates he’s “trippin’-dicular”. I mean, wow. Wikipedia tells me that Nick Cage and Deborah Foreman (Julie) were dating in real life during filming, but Fast Rewind says no. I’d like to think they were even though she’s kind of annoying. He seems to really like her.

2. The soundtrack.


3. Nick’s hair.


4. People calling each other pukeoids. And the clothes, look at that blouse. The film only had a small budget (really?) and the actors had to bring in their own clothes (clearly).


5. Nick Cage being all hot and stalker-ish, he’s like a pre-Edward Cullen pretty much. He doesn’t watch her sleep, but he does stalk her in the toilet. Yep.


6. Nick Cage’s chest hair.

7. A 7 minute version of the whole movie exists on YouTube for those of us with busy schedules. It’s missing the Valley-Speak though and it cuts the best scene just before it gets really good, so like, you should probably make time to watch the whole thing.


8. This shirt.


9. 80’s prom. Whoever does not enjoy an 80’s prom has no soul, or really really needs a cuddle because… 80’s prom!


10. Someone made this art out of yarn.

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