Random Writing Tip #1 – Headphones

If you like writing to a soundtrack like I do, you might enjoy it even more whilst wearing headphones. I’ve started doing this even when no one else is home and I’m totally digging it. My purple headphones are really comfy and make my ears feel happy. There’s something about the sound of the 1980’s pumping straight into my brain that makes it even easier to block out reality and get into my story world.


2 thoughts on “Random Writing Tip #1 – Headphones

    • I have a couple of different playlists, my characters like different music so if I’m writing about one character I might listen to a lot of Whitesnake & Van Halen, another character really likes Bruce Springsteen, my protagonist likes Journey & Foreigner. My playlists right now are mostly full of 80’s rock/pop with a couple current songs which really say something to me thrown in the mix! 🙂 x

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