There goes that idea re: time travel + stone circles

How seriously annoying is it when you have an awesome book idea and then you find a book and it’s like, oh. I guess someone already had that awesome book idea?


I’ve had this idea for ages about a time travel thing that happens in a stone circle. Fair enough, it’s not exactly the kind of idea only one person has, if you’ve ever been to a stone circle you’ve probably had the idea too. Like if you are going to time travel through some random space on the planet a stone circle is a pretty likely place for that to happen. I mean, what even are they?! They definitely have the potential to be a time machine. But anyway, so my idea has been taken so that sucks. This Diana Gabaldon person wrote it already. She sets it in 1945 and takes it back to Jacobite Scotland. I would’ve done more like a Stonehenge school trip modern day and taken it back to punk London in the early 80’s, but it would basically be the same story so I’ll leave that one for now and carry on with my time travel through a door trilogy, but if any agents/publishers are reading this, I will totally write that punk thing if you like the idea. 


I read somewhere Warm Bodies was a short story floating about on the internet for ages and then some movie big wigs were like – hey Isaac Marion, write it into a novel and we’ll make it into a movie. OMG Punk-henge (working title) would make a pretty awesome movie. I’d pay £12 to see it in VIP seats. I only want to sit in VIP nowadays. When I went to see Mockingjay I had a regular ticket and some girl behind me kept kicking my seat and I had to sit next to a man that smelled funny and he kept doing heavy breathing in the quiet scenes,  he was probably doing heavy breathing in all the scenes, and no, he was not my date. 😐


But Cross Stitch is 863 pages long and I’m only on page 21. It’s really well written and I’m loving it so far, but do I have time to read this whole brick of a book?  I mean Hollow City came out today! So many books so little time, and the worst part of life is finding time to both read time travel/YA fiction and write it. I also have a day job. But no social life, so that’s something.


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