Procrastination by casting


I’ve been working on this novel for like 5 years on and off and editing is pretty heavy going sometimes. Especially when you are trying to work on the scenes that don’t work. I know I should just delete them, but I did that once in a fit of rage and lost huge parts of my plot. So now I just leave notes all over Scrivener saying “BIG MESS SORT OUT”, “EDIT THIS PROPERLY”, “WTF” etc. while I re-read and re-edit occasional odd words in the chapters I really like.

Casting my characters out of celebrities is just one of my many favourite ways to procrastinate. Pinterest and scrapbooking are a really great way to do “research” for your novel when you just can not write words. It kind of feels like a bludge looking at pretty pictures but it really helps me to see my story come alive. It gives me something constructive and creative to do when I have writer’s block and makes me feel like even though I didn’t really write, I still spent a lot of time working on characterisation. Or something like that.

Most of my characters are a mash-up of a bunch of celebrities. I never started out writing characters based on anyone, it’s just kind of happened over time.

And over time John Cusack became Jack. Hey hang on… J (ohn, Cus) ack. Wow. I never noticed that until RIGHT THEN! #Destiny

So in the interest of procrastination today I would like to introduce you to Jack. Jack is the only hipster in town and he’s so far off the chain that he wears brown converse chucks to school when he should be wearing brown leather dress shoes. He’s totally ridiculous! In the movie Jack will be played by a young John Cusack. #reasonsweneedtimetravel. I guess actual John Cusack could play old Jack if I wrote a scene for that. Ha, my writer’s block is over! I’m going to go write that scene right now. Someone get me @JohnCusack’s address and I’ll send him my manuscript immediately!

Here’s a bunch of reasons in gifs why young John Cusack shall be invited onto my casting couch when he works out how to time travel to the present.

ImageI’ll totally be in your book.

ImageThis is just so Jack

ImageWhat Jack thinks about wearing the correct school shoes


ImageJack’s great because he’s always got spare pens

ImageNot quite the same with an iPhone though is it?


And here’s a Halloween costume that is really good.


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