Finding Shakespeare


Love him or loathe him (I love him!), you’ve got to admit Shakespeare is kind of a legend in the writing biz (let’s not get into whether or not he really wrote this stuff because it will make the rest of this post much less exciting). So when destiny led me to Stratford Upon Avon a couple of weeks ago I had to go pay my respects to the man.


The sign outside the church made him pretty easy to find. It costs £2 to go into the church and have a look. Seems a fair price to pay considering they’ve been looking after him for all these years.


So here he was, and here I was. It was quite a moment. I felt totally connected, not only to Shakespeare himself but to like, everything. Here he was, the man who accomplished so much with his writing, not only in his own time, but for all time to come. He is a household name all over the world, generations of people have known and loved his work, and you know what, he was just a man.  Just like you and me (I’m not actually a man). He lived and he died, and in-between he wrote some pretty cool stories.

I’m not counting on this level of success for myself, in fact I don’t really want it, that’s like way too much responsibility. But I do really hope that one day people read my stories, and that they like them, and that when I die at least a couple of people on this planet come to see me because my stories made them happy.

And then, just when I thought I was about to explode from so much inspiration I decided to take a little detour on the way home and go and see some stone circles – the Rollright Stones. I tried to time travel through them, but it didn’t work for me on this particular day. Perhaps I needed a full moon, or a new moon, or to be there on a specific day and time and to walk around clockwise 9 times. I’m not sure, but I’m pretty sure there’s a way. Stone circles are definitely time machines.


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