10 reasons it’s about time to watch About Time


Happy belated Valentine’s day kids! As a special treat the BF finally agreed to sit down and watch About Time with me. I’ve only been hassling him about it for a couple of months so really, it was about time he watched it with me. Har har!

Was it the best time travel movie I’ve ever seen? Nope. Was it a little bit 80’s? Nope. Did it have at least ten things going for it? Well yes, it sure did, and here they are in no particular order…

1. It’s just a little bit Narnia. How does our protagonist time travel? It’s genetic, and he can only do it in a closed space like a wardrobe. 10 out of 10 for time travel randomness.


2. Bill Nighy can do it too. He uses time travel to read books. Using time travel to read more books? 10 out of 10 for excellent reasons to time travel. I could actually get through Outlander if only I could time travel in my wardrobe.


3. Bill Weasley is in it. 0 degrees of Harry Potter separation. A+


4. Gingers in Ray Bans. Need I say more?


5. Rachel McAdams. Total girl crush.


6. Rachel McAdam’s has really bad hair in this movie. Yes this is a reason to watch it. It’ll totally make you feel better about your own hair.


7. Proper adults in animal onesies.


8. Cornwall. It looks soooooo pretty!


9. Making out on the Bakerloo line.


10. The Dad love totally got me!


Super cute, super romantic and totally corny. Watch it with someone corny or with some popcorn(y).

Four and a bit stars.






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