Divergent dissected


May the odds be ever in your… faction?

Dystopia is the new Vampire and I have to admit it, I’m so over dystopian YA novels even though everyone else seems to love them. So I really didn’t want to give in to the hype and read Divergent, it just looks soooooo Hunger Games. but when I saw on YouTube that John Green was reading it I was like, OK, if I want to be like John Green, I should do what John Green does.


But guess what? I’m so glad I did, because it was AWESOME!

I’m going to rate Divergent today using the Twilight test*.

[*Disclaimer – Although I think Bella is lame and Edward is a little creepy I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Twilight. I even went to Forks on a vacation.]

The Bella Swan test (or the how lame is the protagonist and could they beat Bella in a fight? test)

I’m sad to say it, but Tris is a little lame. She kind of reminded me of Bella in that shell of a female character type of way. She is [SPOILER!] Divergent in a world of factions which is meant to be this really amazing crazy rare thing that can get you killed but I didn’t really think she was all that amazing. She has these super mind powers but not much personality. Just like Bella is Vampire heroin and ends up saving the world even though she’s boring as bat poo. I didn’t totally buy a lot of Tris’ Dauntlessness, she often came across more as an agnsty Abnegation than anything, even though she can jump off a building. Bella became a vamp but it didn’t make her any more fun either. Who would win in a fight? Tie probably.

The Edward Cullen test (or the how brooding is the romantic lead? test)

Four is a total book crush. The description of him in the book is kind of vague – ‘He has a spare upper lip (what does that even mean?) and a full lower lip. His eyes are so deep-set that his eyelashes touch the skin under his eyebrows, and they are a dark blue, a dreaming, sleeping, waiting colour.’ I like the bit about his eyes, but the rest is like huh? What about his hair? As we get to know him a little more I make up my own mind about how he looks anyway and  trying to avoid any images from the soon to be released movie as much as possible. For me he was kind of rock star slash emo slash skater boi, kind of like a young Jared Leto in eye liner but with more muscle. I had a bigger crush on him before we knew his real name [SPOILER] is Tobias. Tobias is just not a sexy name Veronica Roth. Having said that my sexy lead male is called Sammy. But he rocks it. Tobias rocks Four but not Tobias. Who would win in a fight? Four. He’d take down Edward Cullen by being too cool to even fight him. He wouldn’t waste his time on Edward Cullen, he’s too busy taking down the government getting a new tattoo.


The Vampire Heroin test (or the sexual tension test)

Totally awesome at the start. So much build up between these two just made me go – OMG he touched her arm! Eeeeeeee! But then towards the end [SPOILER) it got a little like then they kissed, then they kissed again. Meh. Once they kiss for the first time the sexual tension is all down hill from there and so you better have a good plot from there on in, which this book does. Yay!

The Cullens test (or the meet the parents test)

Tris’ family are so cute, and her Mom is like – OMG. Something sinister is going on with Four’s Dad but we don’t totally know all about it just yet… Caleb, Tris’ bro seems pretty cool I guess, he seems like he has a lot of potential to be even more cool and do something pretty awesome over the course of the next two books (am I right?! I’ve only just started Insurgent!) so let me get back to you on that one.

The cafeteria test (or the who do you wanna eat lunch with? test)

Christina. She’s a pretty cool chic and a good friend, but Tris is always off snooping around or doing something without inviting her along and then later moping about how Christina did something without her. Not the greatest friendship, but it’s got potential. Well, maybe not…


The Renesmee test (or the how stupid is the story line but did you keep reading anyway? test)

Pretty stupid, like how can you divide a society into five factions based on their responses to a test? I did the test and I got Amity. But I’m pretty sure I’m divergent because even though I picked the blue shoes (because I wanted to get Amity) I really liked the black Dauntless ones. So yeah, at times the metaphor was a bit too obvious, but I didn’t really care anyway, because I got totally sucked in and just allowed it. Even though it was a bit stupid, it was totally awesome. But then, isn’t that what YA novels are meant to be all about? Twilight sucked me in hardcore even though I hated parts of the story and most of the characters (I’m so team Jasper FYI). But at no point was anything in this book as stupid as Renesmee, because Renesmee was just like…


The Wuthering Heights test (or the would you stay up all night reading it while waiting for your boyfriend to sneak in through the window test)

Yes, yes I totally would. The writing is super simple, which kind of left me feeling empty at times, like give me some more description, what the hell hair colour is Four meant to have?! But it made for a speedy read, and the faster I read it the faster I got to the book store to get Insurgent so yes. I would stay up all night reading it but maybe not past 11:45pm on a school night.


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