Random Writing Tip #2 – Paper


I don’t really like writing tips. I find them to be mostly the same regurgitated crap all over the internet. But after being stuck in a total editing rut for weeks I decided to take action and put into practice some of the editing tips I’ve heard about, but completely ignored previously. 

And I feel a bit stupid because one of them actually really helped. 


I have no idea where this gif is from but I love this girl’s style.

OK, so what’s the tip? It’s freaking PAPER you guys! I know right? It’s just paper. 

I printed out my first nine chapters…


Then went to bed with all the bits of paper, a cup of tea, some tea light candles,  my iPhone speakers which are awesome and in the shape of a cat, and a metallic purple pen. I like this one from Paperchase. And I sat there, in bed. And I read the first four chapters in one sitting, purple penning as I went. 

And most of it wasn’t so bad. I didn’t hate it nearly as much as I thought I was going to! 

Everything looks different on paper. It looks real. It looks like a real manuscript. Real words on real paper. It’s almost like it’s parts of a book! 

If you don’t do this already, get yourself some printed pages and get to bed immediately! x



3 thoughts on “Random Writing Tip #2 – Paper

  1. great post! And I am glad all is well.The gif is from a show that used to be on air in Nickelodeon that was called Victorious. Right now her name is Ariana Grande and she is becoming famous. In the show she was stupid and her characters name was Cat. The red hair is part of her personality.

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