Procrastination by design

It’s nearly 4pm, Saturday afternoon. I wanted to get loads of writing done today but instead I got sucked into the vortex that is Pinterest, Etsy and BuzzFeed. And now I feel like total crap about myself because I’ve wasted the day and I only wrote 3 sentences. The chapter I’m editing right now is such a huge mess. I can’t deal. 

But I thought I’d share the top 10 amazing 80’s design/art works I’ve found today in the hopes that I’ll feel like my existence means something, even if it’s just to share cool pictures on the internet. 

Let’s start with 1. What I look like when I’m blogging. 



2. Like glitter through the fingers so is the time that I wasted today. 



3. How cool the internet was in 1983!



4. I think this is called ‘God’s Keyboard’. Pretty. Awesome. 



5. What my desk/brain looks like when I’m in the time travelling YA novel authoring zone. 



6. The barren icy wasteland that is how much work I did today. 



7. If I danced on my keyboard instead of typed with my hands I could probably make more sense of chapter 42. 



8. This kid is amazing. 



9. Beer and roller-skates. My perfect afternoon. 



10. Probably my favourite. This is how I feel right now. Like I should step away from the computer since no work is getting done and go and finish reading Allegiant. x





The A – Z Challenge!


It’s happening people. I am doing the A – Z Challenge! I’m really looking forward to making some new friends on the internet – GEEK-ALERT! – but seriously, I love the people of the internet and I’d love to meet you all! Well, not all of you. Some of you might be creepy. But if you’re not creepy I’d love to!

I’m a little undecided about this whole “theme” thing. Do I need a theme? Or can I just keep doing what I’m doing but six days a week during April?

OMG you guys could totally choose my theme if you want to!

I should write chic-lit

I’ve been sitting at my desk (ha! it’s the dining table, I don’t have a desk!) all day editing my ‘manuscript’ after wanting to tear it into teeny tiny pieces last night. I got a headache from too much scowling about it.


I’m busting my butt here. I could’ve spent my day off watching trashy TV or finishing Allegiant (why is it taking me sooooo loooong to finish?) or reading one of about a gazillion and six awesome books on my book shelf that keep on coming through the letter box from Amazon faster than I can finish reading Allegiant. I could’ve cleaned the bathroom. I could have had a really productive day on Pinterest. Or vacuumed.


But instead I slaved away at my words. Trying to make this awesome story that lives in my head come out and live on the white glowing pages of my computer screen. Time travel, nuns, historical facts, gay kids, straight kids, 1983 kids, more historical facts, facts about deserts, it’s not easy you guys and it’s not like it’ll all be worth it because it’ll go mass production paperback. It’ll be a cult classic at best, or I’ll just post it on here for free. I’ll probably never make a dollar from it.


I poured my heart and soul out of my body through my hands and into the computer all day long. Which was great, it was really fun. But then, while on an email break I look at an email from a literary agency, just a general mail out, what they’re up to, what books have been published etc. So I click on the latest book they’ve published. It’s a chic-lit. Not something I usually choose to read myself. It’s got that whole ‘you’ll never be complete without a man and the perfect pair of Jimmy Choos’ thing going on and that’s not really my scene. I’m more feminist in half price Converse. Chic-lit is so far away from anything I want to write. Ever. But I am going to write a chic-lit one day because I quite like the idea of writing a good one. Anyway, so I click on this book and it takes me to Amazon and so I read the first page and I was like – really?


I don’t ever want to like, slam another author’s work, because hell I know how hard it is. And I totally get that everyone has different tastes and likes different books and for God’s sake I’m writing a teen fiction about time travelling to the 80’s! But this book could not have been worse. It was like reading paragraphs of all the stuff I’ve just edited out of my own writing because it was so meaningless, nothingness, extra words, bad dialogue, filler, just people talking about nothing, long descriptions about nothing.

I should seriously write chic-lit. I could have one done in about an hour.


I shouldn’t blame publishers, I should blame the chics reading chic-lit. Put your chic-lit down ladies! If you want real romance and adventure pick up some YA.

The Soundtrack to my Novel

Many moons ago I was a poor student living in Sydney. You could often find me rocking out to a band called Dappled Cities at the Hopetoun Hotel or wherever else they were playing, while drinking beers and wearing a huge fluffy white giraffe jumper.

I don’t know what ever happened to that jumper, but the band is still around and one of the singers, Dave Rennick, just pulled this sublime track out of a time machine.

Dave, I really do hope you want to write the soundtrack to my novel. In case you’re new here, it’s basically a YA fiction about a girl whose life totally sucks so she goes back in time to 1983 and goes out for pizza with the cool kids instead.

Dave Rennick – nailed it.


Time Out



“How can I find time to write?” You may have found yourself asking the internet. 

“Write every day!” The internet replies. “Make time before work, after work, late at night, weekends. If you want to be a writer you have to write every day! Do a John Grisham and get up at 4 am and write for two hours. If you don’t find time to write every day you clearly don’t really want to be a writer, do you? You have no passion and no motivation, and if you can’t help yourself then I can’t help you.”


Urgh! I had such a crazy week last week I didn’t even wash my hair for 3 days. But according to the writer’s theory of the internet this means I have no motivation to pursue my dreams, no passion for what I’m doing and I should probably just go back to the couch and continue watching the box set of Misfits on 4OD – the only thing I’ve really done this past week, apart from either be at work or be freaking out about work. 

I get up at about 5 am every morning. Not to write, but to go to my day job. Where I stay all day. When I come home I quite often write for a couple of hours, but I also do other things. Like cook my dinner, put on laundry, or even spend time with actual humans! I do not write every day. There, I said it. Now you all know. I’m a failure at being an aspiring novelist!

My advice is this; totally write as much as you can! But on those days when you just need to veg out, hang out with your bf/gf or bff, finally finish reading a book, go to the pub or whatever else you do in your life – just go do it and don’t beat yourself up! Don’t let Pinterest quotes or other random writing advice sites make you feel like you aren’t passionate or good enough to write just because you don’t do it every day. Giving up the entirety of your minuscule moments of spare time and missing social occasions and ignoring your girlfriend so you can stay home and write your Zombie Apocalypse novel won’t make you the next Isaac Marion. Probably. Maybe it will. I don’t know. 


All I can do is drag myself out of bed and go to work all day and then hope that listening to a Whitesnake playlist really loud on the 65 minute commute home keeps me energized enough to write when I get there. Because I do want to write. I want to write so bad. I want to write more than anything! I just also really like having food on the table and right now those two things don’t go together. But I will get there and I will finish my first readable draft by Easter weekend! I just might not do it by writing every single day, because some days I just want to sit on the couch with a pizza and a couple of beers. 


Life lessons brought to you today by Bryan Adams

It’s been an exciting week in the world of Time Traveller’s Scrunchie! In case you missed it all over Facebook and Twitter

The real actual Bryan Adams replied to my tweet! 


Do you think I could even hold my phone when I saw I had a notification from BRYAN ADAMS?! I was fangirling all over the house! 


But it very nearly didn’t happen because I almost deleted the blog post I wrote about Bryan Adams being Buddy Holly in a past life. 

When I told people about the Buddy Holly reincarnation theory, they mostly looked at me like I was totally quackers!


But I wrote the post anyway because it was just too exciting not to! I thought that people would be just as excited about it as I was!

But it turns out I was a bit wrong, because the next day I checked my stats and I’d had about 3 views. One person on Facebook liked it; my sister. 

I felt pretty stupid. I almost just took it right down. I don’t want to look stupid on the internet! The whole point of this blog is to share what I’m doing and find people who like what I’m writing about so that they might want to read my book when it’s published. The idea here is not to look too crazy right?! This is my future career I’m playing with! 

But I left it up, even though when I checked my stats again that night nothing much had changed.

So why did I suddenly decide it was a good idea to tweet Bryan Adams and ask him if he was a reincarnation of Buddy Holly? Urgh! I don’t even know! It was one of those moments where you just do the thing and then later wonder if perhaps it was just a bit too loopy. Oh well, Bryan Adams doesn’t know me, who cares if he thinks I’m loopy? He’s not exactly in the demographic for my YA novel about time travelling to 1983, although he is mentioned in chapter 6. And my male lead kind of looks like him a bit. I describe him as a cross between James Dean and a 1980’s Sting with a dash of Bryan Adams. Heeeheeehahahaha! 


So anyway, when Bryan Adams replied to my tweet the next day suddenly everyone was interested in what I was saying. That post has now had 79 views! Awesome! 

If I had deleted my post like I’d thought about and run away and hid under the doona (or duvet) of self deprecation Bryan Adams would still not know I exist. 

I’ve spent a lot of time throughout my 33 years on this beautiful and bizarre planet worrying about what people think of me. I’ve spent a lot of time not doing things and not saying things because I’m worried about people thinking I’m weird. I’ve spent a lot of time putting multicoloured 80’s jumpers in my ebay cart and then taking them out because people might think I look silly in them. 

But now I’ve now decided to give myself permission to be myself. Because even if a lot of people think you are weird, or stupid, or mental one person might like what you’re doing. And that person might just be Bryan Adams. 

Thanks for the lesson Bry. x


Robocop 2

Can you imagine my surprise after so thoroughly enjoying Robocop, to find out there was a Robocop 2 AND a Robocop 3?! If you want a nice condensed version of Robocop 2 watch the trailer. If you don’t like spoilers just download the whole movie.

If you love the 80’s (although this was 1990 it doesn’t look like it!), love stupid movies, think Robocop was awesome and want to see him shinier and more cheerful than ever, spend your Saturday night with a beer, chicken wings, popcorn and a pizza and Robocop 2!

Bryan Adams is Buddy Holly reincarnated

I was driving home from my day job today listening to a podcast about past lives. It’s a long drive and you can only listen to Journey’s greatest hits so many times a day, so I’m always listening to stuff that I find interesting, like how to stop procrastinating (iProcrastinate), paranormal investigations, UFO stuff, Angels and the afterlife, just the normal 9-5 grind stuff right?!

Anyway, today I’m listening to Andrew Brewer, AKA the Rock and Roll Psychic, talking about past lives. He starts talking about how in the early 80’s every time he heard this song he’d see Buddy Holly like standing in his living room. The song stops getting so much airplay and Andrew forgets about it. But sometime later, he hears another song and there’s Buddy Holly again, clear as day! So he goes to research a bit about this artist who turns out to be BRYAN ADAMS and checks the two birthdays against each other. 9 months and 2 days between Buddy Holly’s death and Bryan Adams’ birth. I mean seriously?! Andrew was like – come on, you died at 22 at the height of your music career, the first thing you wanna do is get back to what you’re doing. Oh yeah, and like Bryan Adams had his first hit single at the age of 22.


So then I came home and did a little of my own research which pulled up that the song ‘There will never be another tonight’ had the original title of ‘Buddy Holly idea’ because it reminded everyone of ‘Peggy Sue’. So OMG you guys.

Bryan Adams is totally Buddy Holly reincarnated!

Check out the pictures and videos below for the pictorial evidence!


You guys seeing it now?!


How about now? When I matched up these two pictures I was like – yep. This is total proof!

BUT THEN! I watched these two videos like at the same time, the first one for a bit, the the second one for a bit, like just a few seconds each. YOU WILL TOTALLY SEE IT!

I’m 100% convinced this is real you guys. If I wasn’t already so far into my time travel to 1983 YA novel I’d write this story instead.

In other reincarnation news, Miley Cyrus says she was Lil Kim in a past life.

UPDATE******* This blog post disappeared yesterday (11.3.14) from the internet. CONSPIRACY MUCH?! So I asked Bry what the deal was and here it is, confirmed for y’all! BOOM! x


Robocop 1987

I can’t believe I never saw Robocop before! It’s such an awesome movie. The best part is that it’s set in 2043 but apart from a cop they cut up and turned into a cyborg everything is so totally 80’s it’s hilarious! Robocop is such a good guy, I wish we had robocops!