Robocop 1987

I can’t believe I never saw Robocop before! It’s such an awesome movie. The best part is that it’s set in 2043 but apart from a cop they cut up and turned into a cyborg everything is so totally 80’s it’s hilarious! Robocop is such a good guy, I wish we had robocops!

3 thoughts on “Robocop 1987

  1. Fantastic film! wait until you get to the third film, it’s utter cheese and I love it even though a lot of people don’t. The 80’s were the best times for films hands down.

    • OMG I had no idea there was a Robocop 2 or 3! Yayayayayayayay! Oh yes, they should have stopped making movies after 1990, or at least DEFINITELY after 2000. Apart from Harry Potter. And Twilight. But nothing else. x

  2. I can’t believe you’ve never seen RoboCop. I bloody love this film. I remember watching this when I was a kid. There is one seen in RoboCp 2 with a skull that has always stayed in my mind. They third one is so cheesy and crap. I love it.

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