Bryan Adams is Buddy Holly reincarnated

I was driving home from my day job today listening to a podcast about past lives. It’s a long drive and you can only listen to Journey’s greatest hits so many times a day, so I’m always listening to stuff that I find interesting, like how to stop procrastinating (iProcrastinate), paranormal investigations, UFO stuff, Angels and the afterlife, just the normal 9-5 grind stuff right?!

Anyway, today I’m listening to Andrew Brewer, AKA the Rock and Roll Psychic, talking about past lives. He starts talking about how in the early 80’s every time he heard this song he’d see Buddy Holly like standing in his living room. The song stops getting so much airplay and Andrew forgets about it. But sometime later, he hears another song and there’s Buddy Holly again, clear as day! So he goes to research a bit about this artist who turns out to be BRYAN ADAMS and checks the two birthdays against each other. 9 months and 2 days between Buddy Holly’s death and Bryan Adams’ birth. I mean seriously?! Andrew was like – come on, you died at 22 at the height of your music career, the first thing you wanna do is get back to what you’re doing. Oh yeah, and like Bryan Adams had his first hit single at the age of 22.


So then I came home and did a little of my own research which pulled up that the song ‘There will never be another tonight’ had the original title of ‘Buddy Holly idea’ because it reminded everyone of ‘Peggy Sue’. So OMG you guys.

Bryan Adams is totally Buddy Holly reincarnated!

Check out the pictures and videos below for the pictorial evidence!


You guys seeing it now?!


How about now? When I matched up these two pictures I was like – yep. This is total proof!

BUT THEN! I watched these two videos like at the same time, the first one for a bit, the the second one for a bit, like just a few seconds each. YOU WILL TOTALLY SEE IT!

I’m 100% convinced this is real you guys. If I wasn’t already so far into my time travel to 1983 YA novel I’d write this story instead.

In other reincarnation news, Miley Cyrus says she was Lil Kim in a past life.

UPDATE******* This blog post disappeared yesterday (11.3.14) from the internet. CONSPIRACY MUCH?! So I asked Bry what the deal was and here it is, confirmed for y’all! BOOM! x


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