Procrastination by design

It’s nearly 4pm, Saturday afternoon. I wanted to get loads of writing done today but instead I got sucked into the vortex that is Pinterest, Etsy and BuzzFeed. And now I feel like total crap about myself because I’ve wasted the day and I only wrote 3 sentences. The chapter I’m editing right now is such a huge mess. I can’t deal. 

But I thought I’d share the top 10 amazing 80’s design/art works I’ve found today in the hopes that I’ll feel like my existence means something, even if it’s just to share cool pictures on the internet. 

Let’s start with 1. What I look like when I’m blogging. 



2. Like glitter through the fingers so is the time that I wasted today. 



3. How cool the internet was in 1983!



4. I think this is called ‘God’s Keyboard’. Pretty. Awesome. 



5. What my desk/brain looks like when I’m in the time travelling YA novel authoring zone. 



6. The barren icy wasteland that is how much work I did today. 



7. If I danced on my keyboard instead of typed with my hands I could probably make more sense of chapter 42. 



8. This kid is amazing. 



9. Beer and roller-skates. My perfect afternoon. 



10. Probably my favourite. This is how I feel right now. Like I should step away from the computer since no work is getting done and go and finish reading Allegiant. x





5 thoughts on “Procrastination by design

  1. There are times when I ask myself if I am wasting my life away due to procrastination and maybe I should do something about it…..but then I cheer myself up by watching funny cat videos on Youtube.

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