B is for Benatar

So I loosely based one of the characters in my novel on Pat Benatar. No, not loosely based, I have a character who looks just like her. It wasn’t intentional. I wrote the character first, and then saw a picture of Pat Benatar a bit later and I was like – OMG, I’ve totally just based Janet on Pat Benatar! Sub-concious casting?!

Janet is kind of like my Gandalf, except she’s in her mid-late twenties and is an English teacher at a Catholic High School in the middle of nowhere in a desert in 1983. She may or may not be a time traveller. But seriously, as if you base a character on Pat Benatar and not make her a time traveller, right?

One of the best Benatar clips ever is for Love is a Battlefield. I always wanted to be able to dance in public like this. I do try. Quite often. But it doesn’t usually get the same response as Pat’s dancing does in this video clip.

Enjoy! x

7 thoughts on “B is for Benatar

  1. I admit, I didn’t know who Pat Benatar was before I read your blog, but found the coincidence quite intriguing and the clip entertaining! Thanks for sharing and good luck with your writing!

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