C is for Catalano


A friend of mine posted a picture of himself and Jared Leto on Facebook this week. Colour me green, I was so envious! Why can’t I meet Jared Leto?! More importantly, why couldn’t my 15 year old self meet Jared Leto’s My So Called Life Self?! 

My So Called Life was one of the best 90’s TV shows which totally hit the nail on the head of adolescence so bad it’s painful to watch. I practically was Claire Danes in high school. OK, not practically, but there are some similarities. I dyed my hair red. I always crushed on the least attainable guys. I had a best friend who always got me into trouble. And no one like, got me. You know?

So today I’d like to pay homage to Jordan Catalano, the stare bear with the floppy hair, by posting some of my favourite quotes from the show. It’s just amazing how real this show was. The writers did a damn fine job and I definitely consider it a huge influence on my writing. 


When Angela finally admits why she’s in love with Jordan: “I just like how he’s always leaning. Against stuff. He leans great.”



When Angela ponders the wonders of the Universe: “Does anybody know Jordan Catalano? That question, like, got to me. I mean, I’d had seven conversations with him, and one really bad kiss, and one amazing one…But did I, like, know him?”



When Jordan gets confused about stuff: “This doesn’t seem like a Friday.” 



When Angela notices Jordan’s pre-hipster penchant for thrift stores: “It’s amazing the things you notice. Like the corner of his collar that was coming undone, like he was from a poor family and couldn’t afford new shirts. That’s all I could see. The whole world was that unravelled piece of fabric. It’s such a lie that you should do what’s in your heart. If we all did what was in our hearts, the world would come to a halt.”



How Jordan feels about obligations: “Well, if I go somewhere and someone I know is there, then cool, there’s something natural about it. But once you start making plans, then you have like, like obligations and that basically blows.”



And this: “This whole day has been one long thing that makes no sense.”



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