D is for Donnie Darko


What kind of time travel related blog would this be without making some kind of reference to Donnie Darko? One of the weirdest, greatest, creepiest, confusing and awesome time travel movies ever made.

I must’ve seen it about 8 or 9 times and you know what? I’m just going to admit it. I still don’t totally get it. I get bits of it, I get some of it, I have a lot of theories about it, but I don’t totally get all of it. This explanation just doesn’t cut it for me, it just seems way too convoluted.

But if writing about time travel has taught me anything about time travel, it’s that time travel is convoluted.

I’m trying to make my story as simple as possible, but it’s not so easy. It’s like every time a character says something, I have to check like two other time periods to make sure it fits in with what happens later, and before. I guess I can see how the writer of DD got themselves to this point where actually no one could ever work it out without Googling, unless they were some kind of genius. Maybe I should have just chosen to write about vampires because let’s face it, there just aren’t enough YA novels about vampires (joking).

If you worked out Donnie Darko on your own, or you have a different theory I’d seriously love to hear it!



2 thoughts on “D is for Donnie Darko

  1. I seen this when I was young and all I had was nightmares, it wasn’t pretty lol I think I will give it another go, I am a big girl now so I should be ok……should be! I didn’t remember the premise until I just watched the trailer.

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