E is for Emmett

Emmett Brown. 


What more can I say?

Nothing really. He’s amazing, and if you don’t know who he is you’ve missed out on life.

But I thought I might use this opportunity to discuss the mystery of the two DeLoreans


In 1955 the Doc goes back to 1885 in a DeLorean, which I will refer to as DeLorean I. He puts DeLorean I in a cave so Marty can go back from 1955 to 1985, Marty gets DeLorean I out of said cave, and it appears to be working fine except for a chip in the circuits which needs replacing. DeLorean I goes back to 1885 instead of 1985 with fixed chip, but when it enters 1885 the gas tank gets crapped on by an arrow. No more gas. Thus ensues a whole movie based on fixing the DeLorean Marty brought back from 1955, but hang on… isn’t there still a DeLorean in the cave? The one Marty gets in 1955 would still technically be in the cave in 1885 right? Making Marty’s DeLorean DeLorean II. If there can be two Martys and two Docs, why can’t there be two DeLoreans? And, if there are two DeLoreans, why can’t they go check if there’s any gas left in the tank of the one in the cave? Or are we just meant to assume it was empty too?! Arrrrgh! I need to know! 





12 thoughts on “E is for Emmett

  1. Excellent movie choice! I will admit that your DeLorean I/II theory had my head spinning for a bit there. Hole in the plot…

  2. I have never realised that there could be two DeLorean’s! That’s probably it’s been forever since I’ve watched the Back to the Future trilogy and has been even longer since I’ve watched them in the right order!

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