I is for Icehouse


Growing up in Australia these guys were basically the soundtrack to my childhood. They were also the soundtrack to a couple of years ago when I was living a little in limbo. I had Electric Blue on repeat on my iPod for about three months while I tried to work out what I was doing with my life. Icehouse therapy? I totally recommend.

Their music was, still is and always will be awesome, and so was Iva’s hair.


I have so many favourite Icehouse songs that instead of posting one link here I had to post my top 5. Enjoy! x

The song that sorted my life out. Do you think this has anything to do with why I decided to devote my life to writing a YA novel about time travel? Lol! 😀 x

Indiana Jones eat your heart out!

You’ve gotta be crazy baby to want a guy with nicer hair than you.

This killer Aussie vid always makes me way more homesick than Men at Work’s Down Under.

And I nearly forgot, I can touch the fire!

10 thoughts on “I is for Icehouse

    • They were huge in the 80’s in Australia, I’m not sure that they went big internationally! They finally put all their stuff up on Spotify, but there’s loads more on YouTube too! I’m so glad you liked them! 😀 x

    • LOL! They are so awesome, I think because they are Australian the 80’s-ness is even more hilarious. We were always a couple of years behind the rest of the world… KEYTARS FOREVER!! x

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