M is for Misfits


Today I’d like to talk about plot holes. Huge gaping plot holes that make everything that happens afterwards in your story not make any sense at all.

Oh yeah, I apologise but this post contains Misfits spoilers for seasons 1-3. If you haven’t seen it, definitely go watch season 1 and 2 for free right now on 4OD and then come back! If you’ve already seen it, or probably can’t be bothered then you may continue…


I LOVED season 1 of this show. Love love loved it. The writing was good, the characters were awesome, the plot was killer and everything was all peachy-keen. I was like chowing down on my dinner in front of the TV watching it every night.

The premise is that a bunch of kids are out on community service, doing their time for mostly petty crimes, oh hang on, trying to burn someone’s house down isn’t that petty, but anyway. Then there’s a freak storm and afterwards loads of people, including the ‘misfits’ have “powers”. Mostly the powers come in the form of something that you always wanted, or something you wanted at the time the storm hit. Awesome premise, I love it!


Everything carries on just awesomely until we get to the bit about future Simon which creates the STUPIDEST PLOT HOLE you’ve ever heard of. Basically future Simon has been running around in a costume helping the misfits out. It’s pretty cool really, until it ALL GOES WRONG!


Curtis has this cool time travelling power. AWESOME. he uses it at the end of episodes when everything has gone totally whack to basically clean up all the messes. This got annoying about the third episode they did this. It was like – oh well, doesn’t matter what happens, Curtis will just go back in time and fix everything.


But then some SERIOUS messes happens and people die and it all goes nuts and SIMON puts on his hoodie and THIS MOMENT is the instigator for him turning into future Simon later. Except that Curtis takes everyone back in time…

SO ACTUALLY THIS NEVER HAPPENED except that it STILL becomes part of the story, even though it never happened because time travel erased it. I mean didn’t ONE person pick up on this? One of the writers, one of the actors? ANYBODY?! Hello?!


I’m exhausted just thinking about it.

But there’s a valuable lesson to be learned here – CHECK YOUR PLOT HOLES especially when working with time travel!

But it is good, and I do highly recommend watching seasons 1-2. Season 3 got a bit lame, half the good characters left and that’s always a downer, so I stopped watching. But definitely watch season 1!





6 thoughts on “M is for Misfits

  1. I’m not a fiction writer but I’m a fiction reader and fiction watcher. What you’re saying makes me think about my love-hate relationship with “24.” Even though I accepted that the whole plot was implausible, I found myself irritated when one particular element was ridiculous – like when Jack was seconds from dying from some rare poison only to be saved by the President’s OK and then being able to beat the sh!t out of someone an hour later (or was that in every episode?).
    Visiting from A to Z ~
    Wendy at Jollett Etc.

    • The world you create needs to have rules, and then you need to stick to those rules. If you can wipe everything out by time travelling, then you need to stick to the rule of your fiction world! Thanks for the visit. 🙂 x

  2. My only explanation is that even though Curtis travelled back in time to stop Mr Fromage from killing everyone, it didn’t change the fact that Simon would overhear Alisha telling Nathan about him which would eventually lead up to the point where Simon follows Alisha to the secret location of Superhoodie and they start their relationship.

    Anyhow, I think the writers did a really poor job at the end of season 2. It could have gone so much smoother.

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