O is for Open Road (AKA adventures in crop circles)


I just love a road trip. Being out on the open road, Bruce Springsteen blaring from the speakers, windows rolled down, nothing to do except drive, eat candies and sing a long to Thunder Road. It’s so retro and magical! I’ve been on some pretty amazing road trips. I’ve done the east coast of Australia, the west coast of the USA, parts of the east coast of the USA, Canada and good chunk of the UK and Scotland. Driving across the entire USA has been on the bucket list for years now and I really must do that soon! The new addition this week to my bucket list is eating a deep fried Twinkie. I was doing some research about Twinkies for my book this week and found this amazing picture on Pinterest:


But today I wanted to share with you guys one of my favourite kinds of road trips – the crop circle road trip! I only live a couple hours away from the epicentre of crop circles in the UK which is pretty awesome, and I’m just hanging out for the season to start again this year so I can go again. Last year I went with my bestie and it was one of the coolest days out ever!

We stopped on the way to the crop circles to get lunch at the coolest stone circle ever – Avebury. The pub is actually inside the stone circle which is AWESOME! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Stone circles are some kind of time machines, I’m sure of it.


After taking about six hours to work out how to put co-ordinates into the Sat Nav we finally found the crop circles! This is really cool, people tie little ties to the crops to let you know this is where it is!



So we walked in a little way and then… BOOM! You are in a crop circle!



And then here’s little me lying in a crop circle. It was SO COOL! I wanted to stay there and wait for the aliens to come get me and take me home!



Driving through the little English villages on the way back home we saw the most awesome thing – a phone box full of books! It was like some kind of community book swap. Amazing idea. I mean it even had a fire hydrant, just in case!


So where are you going on your next adventure out on the open road?!


6 thoughts on “O is for Open Road (AKA adventures in crop circles)

  1. The UK’s roads are curiously fractal. It shouldn’t take long to drive across the country (about four hours for Hull to Bangor) but there are small, interesting roads branching off from other small interesting roads in ways that don’t occur the same way in bigger places.

    • ah yes the roads in the UK are all over the place and are so busy compared to other parts of the world. i remember driving in australia for hours and hours without seeing another car! x

    • It was so cool, I slammed the breaks on as soon as I saw it and my friend was like – VICCI! What are you DOING? and I’m like – LOOK THERE! A phone box full of BOOKS! amazing. x

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