T is for TimeRiders


This is one of my favourite YA series. It’s got time travel, it’s got dinosaurs, steampunk, distopian futuristic NYC, monks, knights, loads of crazy sci-fi stuff and some pretty awesome characters. I’m only up to book 4, but doing this post about these books is making me want to get cracking! 

Each book is a different story, so essentially you don’t need to read from the start to enjoy these. There is a through running plot as well though which is really cool and worth starting from the start to experience.

My favourite TimeRiders book so far was Day of the Predator. Which was weird because time travel stories about dinosaurs usually just really suck, but this one was killer – RAAARRRR! T-rex style!

The only downer is that there is no love story. I know a lot of folks like a love story in their YA fiction, so sorry if you were expecting that.

It’s kind of like Dan Brown-ish but for kids/YA/adults who like time travel and dinosaurs. 


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