U is for Urgent

One of the bands that has been heavy on my Spotify (what the hell have they done to Spotify?! Seriously!?) playlists while I’ve been writing my novel is Foreigner, and I couldn’t resist sharing this video… and those JEANS! WOW!


8 thoughts on “U is for Urgent

  1. This video makes me want to rollerskate in Gloria Vanderbilts and drink Orange Julius at the same time. This is in no way “disco,” so that sign is misleading.

    • It was that weird point in time where the 70’s were merging into the 80’s and people were really confused.
      Is it disco? What the hell is this if it’s not disco?! Everything for the last few years has been disco! Let’s just keep calling it disco for a few more years while we work out what to do with our flares (cut them into short shorts!) and our hair (grow a mullet!)! x

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