X is for Xanadu

When people ask me “what’s your favourite movie of all time?” I always say Xanadu. Then they look at me like…


I basically know the whole movie, lyrics and lines, by heart. When I was a kid I used to choreograph the whole soundtrack on Sundays while listening to the record. Then when walkmans got invented I taped the vinyl ONTO a tape and listened to it while I roller-skated around in circles in the garage after I got mum and dad to move the cars out.

I have never not lived in a world where Xanadu didn’t exist and for that I am truly thankful. And because I watched it pretty often throughout my whole childhood (and adulthood) I thought I’d share with you some of the the awesome things I learnt about life from watching it so much.

1. Being alive is awesome!


2. You are not just one thing. You can be a cowgirl, a sexy minx, a rockabilly pin up, the girl next door, or a magical muse!


3. True love is real, but it’s not always easy! Sometimes you’re not human and your boyfriend is, but you can make it work!


4. Auras are cool! And they change colour when you’re sad.


5. Coincidences and signs always mean something, like when this album cover was supposed to be of just the building, but when they got the film developed Kira was there! WOAH!


6. Gene Kelly is just about the coolest guy ever.


7. Everyone can get along if they try, just like when Sonny wanted electric guitars and Danny wanted old school jazz. Click the link for the video!  Dancin’

8. Fitness should be fun! Ditch the gym guys, and get your skates on!


9. Follow your dreams! Here’s an invitation.

692a804679d9fc2828009f990f529224 (1)

10. Because dreams can come true! Naaaaaaw!


4 thoughts on “X is for Xanadu

    • Oh yes! Please do! I’d love to hear what you think! I wonder if it’s one of those movies that you had to watch as a kid to truly appreciate now, but I made my bf watch it and I think he (secretly) liked it! Lol! 😛 x

    • People don’t like it because it’s not cool. But it’s the coolest thing I’ve ever seen! Exactly right tenseconds, so many movies get awesome reviews and hype and I watch them and just think – what the…!? x

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