It’s you, babe

Another awesome YA time travel novel writing soundtrack track that’s been getting me through some boring editing today.

Stay with it until the guitar solo at 2:05, it’s totally worth it!

Clockwork Angel


I just darn well LOVE Cassandra Clare. I’ve read all the Mortal Instruments books (OMG CITY OF HEAVENLY FIRE COMES OUT TOMORROW!!!!) and I just loved ’em!

I wasn’t totally sure about committing to the Infernal Devices books. I mean it’s THREE loooong books and I have soooo many books to read! Can I really justify the time it’s going to take to read them all (because you know you’re not gonna read just one) when I have a full time job, I’m trying to write a novel, keep this blog going and also I need to eat?

But all I can say is WOWZERS! Because I freaking loved this book. This might be a little controversial, but I may have even loved it more than the Mortal Instruments – sorry Jace.  Reading this book was kind of depressing. It was like – “I am never going to be able to write something this good”. But it was also like…


In no particular order, here’s 10 things I loved about Clockwork Angel.

1. That Tessa has no idea what she is or what the hell is going on. I mean, don’t we all feel like that? Especially in our teen years? Even without the Shadowhunters.

2. Will. You can’t help but find him appealing even though he’s such a lad.

3. Jem. Sorry Will, but this is one of the few stories I’ve read where I’ve had a book crush on the *other* guy. Jem is just such a nice kid, and not in a boring way. He is a really interesting character, but he’s just so nice! Team Jem! Naaaw!

4. Henry. Because everyone loves a red-headed crazy inventor.

5.Steam punk! I’ve never been like that into steam punk, but this was pretty cool. Clockwork stuff. Awesome.

6. Victorian London. Perfect. Any day.

7. Jessamine. OMG I want to smack her. But I also want her to take me shopping.

8. Murderous parasols.

9. Magnus Bane. Meow!

10. Charlotte. I love that a chic is running the institute. Girl power.

Get your hands on a copy if you haven’t read it yet.




Young Adult


This was a super-cute movie. OK, not so much super-cute, mostly it was kind of depressing and I kept watching it wondering if this would be my life if I hadn’t met my awesome boyfriend, because a lot of it was kind of too scarily close for comfort. But that’s what I love about these art-housey type films. Some of them are kind of pretentious, but this one was just really real. A little slow moving at times, but hey, so is life, and it’s not like you have anything better to do. Except for maybe writing your own novel, but after seeing this movie your own novel may not seem so important after all… (aaaw!)

Mavis is a young adult author, ah, kind of, she’s actually a ‘ghost writer’, which if you ask Kate William (who wrote the Sweet Valley High books) is kind of the same thing. Basically the premise is – Mavis forgot to grow up. She was so caught up in writing for teens and living like a teenager herself that she gets to 37 and she’s still getting wasted and acting like a child.

Let’s get one thing straight y’all (y’all? Man, I’ve so been watching too much Nashville) I do not judge about how you want to live your life. If you want to go out partying throughout middle age and not get married and not have kids and just do you then power to you! But Mavis doesn’t seem real happy about her choices and so she ends up going back to her crappy little hometown, convinced she’s meant to be with her ex-flame who’s wife just popped one out and who also just happens to be… Esme?! Needless to say – chaos ensues!


I really liked this movie. It was quirky, sad and awkward, but it was also witty and it had a soft edge. It’s about letting the past go, and growing up, if you want to.


Architectural Afterlife

Johnny Joo. What an awesome name. I’ve been trying to think of a writer alias last name for ages. Johnny Joo (pronounced Yo) is the best name ever. But what’s even cooler than his name is his photography.

I’m totally in love with his photos of abandoned places. I’ve been trawling through them for days and being a writer I feel like each one is a short story, a YA novel or an entire series! I’ve got to admit the hospital ones really freak me out, but below I’ve added a bunch that I thought were particularly awesome. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did and make sure to check out this guy’s work!


I love the abandoned school pics. Introducing my next series of YA novels – Dystopia High.



It’s the end of the world as we know it, but you still have to go to PE/Gym class. Nooooooooo!!!



Did anyone ever see that really bad TV movie Terror in the Mall?



The abandoned bowling alley is one of my faves. What happened here? Why didn’t you even take your awesome retro ashtrays?!



And you forgot your shoes. I love that there is a pair still on the counter.



This diner. I mean, don’t you even put the plates away after your last shift?



And this is probably my favourite of all. The school that’s always closed, because every day is a snow day.



Sixteen Candles


Yesterday was 30 years since Sixteen Candles was released. What a freaking awesome movie! If you’ve never seen it your life is not complete.

I thought I’d celebrate by posting an excerpt from chapter 3. How very exciting!!


“Nope, I look exactly the same as I have since summer. Utterly forgettable,” said Molly Ringwald as Magz stuffed a spring roll in her mouth.

“Chinese is so good,” said Jack loading his fork with sweet and sour pork and swinging his legs up onto the coffee table.

“How’s the pork?” Magz asked through a mouth full of spring roll.

“Awesome,” said Jack. “Thanks for dinner.”

“Thank the parentals. Thank Mastercard.”

“Priceless.” Jack slurped on his Pepsi.

“You know, my parents forgot my birthday one year,” said Magz as Molly Ringwald stood downstairs waiting for someone to say Happy Birthday.

“Shut up,” said Jack taking a spring roll off her plate.

“I was twelve. That night they came home at nearly midnight with a cake and presents, pretended they hadn’t forgotten. Like it was all just a joke and it was meant to be a surprise, but it was so obvious. I sat here all night watching the Back to the Future trilogy. Alone. On my birthday. Doc Brown was just about to turn up with the steam train.”

“You were just a kid,” said Jack shaking his head. “But still, there are worse ways to spend a birthday.”

“Oh, I’ve definitely had worse birthdays.”

Vicci Scrunchie 2014 x


An A to Z about A to Z

Well that was intense.


And now here’s the “what did I learn” reflection-y bit.


A blog a day is hard to do. I’m going back to a blog a week now, unless something seriously amazing happens.

Blogging takes a lot of time. I need to blog less, but better and spend more time on other writing projects, like my novel!

Couldn’t always think of good things to blog about and some of my posts sucked – like Q for Quints. Was that really the best I could do?

Didn’t spend as much time looking at other blogs as I would’ve liked.

Everyone that completed the challenge is awesome!

Finally! (How I felt when it was finished!)

Going to do better blog posts now I’m not being controlled by the alphabet! (Oops, already failed at that!)

Hello to all my new followers! I have so much appreciation for anyone that clicks on me, likes me, follows me or leaves a comment.

I am glad I finished it, honestly didn’t know if I was going to make it there at one stage.

Jealous of so many cool blogs on the internet!

Kindness in the blogging community, support and positivity really kept me going!

Large chunks of writing don’t make me want to read to the end. No offence, but blogs can be the best blogs in the world but if they have too many words I’m probably not going to read them. Probably like this one. Ha!

More blogs about the 1980’s would be good. I found like only 3 80’s blogs. Not good enough people.

Not all the cool blogs I found were doing the A to Z challenge. Loads of them I just found organically and some of them were the best!

Other bloggers are mostly really cool! (except that one guy)

People who put themselves out there on the internet – YAY YOU!

Qunits! Argh, Q!

Really glad I did it. Really glad it’s over!

Snacks. I needed more of them. Some people voted at the start for me to blog about snacks. I’m thinking about doing a retro snacks section. What do you guys think?

Time to read again! I’m currently reading Clockwork Angel and loving it! Ah Cassandra Clare! x

Understanding this blogging thing so much better.

Very tired now. Can I just go sit on the couch and watch Game of Thrones?!

What do people really want to read about on my blog? Still asking that question!

Xanadu is basically life lessons on roller-skates

You can accomplish anything (if you put your mind to it!)

Zzzzzzzzzz (that’s me asleep now that this is all over!)


Z is for ZZ Top

What I love about this video is that the women in it are so normal looking but the guys are acting so crazy about them. Here’s to normal looking women breaking hearts in gas stations everywhere!