Clockwork Angel


I just darn well LOVE Cassandra Clare. I’ve read all the Mortal Instruments books (OMG CITY OF HEAVENLY FIRE COMES OUT TOMORROW!!!!) and I just loved ’em!

I wasn’t totally sure about committing to the Infernal Devices books. I mean it’s THREE loooong books and I have soooo many books to read! Can I really justify the time it’s going to take to read them all (because you know you’re not gonna read just one) when I have a full time job, I’m trying to write a novel, keep this blog going and also I need to eat?

But all I can say is WOWZERS! Because I freaking loved this book. This might be a little controversial, but I may have even loved it more than the Mortal Instruments – sorry Jace.  Reading this book was kind of depressing. It was like – “I am never going to be able to write something this good”. But it was also like…


In no particular order, here’s 10 things I loved about Clockwork Angel.

1. That Tessa has no idea what she is or what the hell is going on. I mean, don’t we all feel like that? Especially in our teen years? Even without the Shadowhunters.

2. Will. You can’t help but find him appealing even though he’s such a lad.

3. Jem. Sorry Will, but this is one of the few stories I’ve read where I’ve had a book crush on the *other* guy. Jem is just such a nice kid, and not in a boring way. He is a really interesting character, but he’s just so nice! Team Jem! Naaaw!

4. Henry. Because everyone loves a red-headed crazy inventor.

5.Steam punk! I’ve never been like that into steam punk, but this was pretty cool. Clockwork stuff. Awesome.

6. Victorian London. Perfect. Any day.

7. Jessamine. OMG I want to smack her. But I also want her to take me shopping.

8. Murderous parasols.

9. Magnus Bane. Meow!

10. Charlotte. I love that a chic is running the institute. Girl power.

Get your hands on a copy if you haven’t read it yet.




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